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Furniture Brokers has been in business over 20 years, serving our consignors and tweaking our business practices, striving to yield the best full service furnishings consignment experience of ease and financial success for our client base. Furniture selling is not easily accomplished in the home, and with our 3 storefronts coupled with our online preview/shopping capabilities, the customer who can afford and appreciate your recycled items can shop in comfort, safety, and delight in selection.

PRE-APPROVAL IS NECESSARY: Furniture Brokers goal is to make it easy for consignors to do business with us. Send us photos of your potential items at your closest location, either or We will look at your furnishings and include all our locations to make for the best fit to our markets. For entire households we will preview your items on site if feasible.

DISCOUNT CYCLE: We have the slowest discount cycle in the industry — reducing items by 20% every 30 days. This way, our sellers get the highest price possible. Item proceeds need to exceed $10 to be split with consignors. Items priced at $49 and above are showcased for five months, almost twice the industry average of 3 months. Many of our sellers are surprised that we return more money even after the split than if they had sold furniture themselves!

EMPTY THE STORAGE UNIT: Before you waste money and time storing your furniture and home goods, consider selling them. We see the wrath of the storage units routinely, and it is neither pretty nor inexpensive.

MOVERS: Don’t know of any trustworthy movers? We do! Call us for help.

CONSIGNOR SIGN-IN: Furniture Brokers’ software permits our consignors to watch their inventory and selling activity real-time, over the web.

KNOW OUR SELLING TERMS: Our listing agreement very specifically addresses how we intend to sell your furnishings. Please read before you leave your things! It is as follows:

Download a pdf version of our Consignment Agreement from HERE