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Consignment Agreement


Consignor name: ________________________________________

Consignor address: _____________________________________


telephone: ___________________________

date: ________________________________

e-mail: ______________________________

What We Sell: Furniture Brokers carries high quality furnishings. Items in need of repair, cleaning, or are deemed to be undesirable might be rejected.

Moving: Pick-up and delivery services are available by independent movers. All moves are at consignor’s risk. Furniture Brokers will not be liable for any damages due to moving.

Pricing: With our 2-pricer system, prices are determined based on market value trends, web-based research, owner input, and experience. The Furniture Brokers stepped discounting system allows the value of the items to be set by the buying public. An inventory list with initial pricing will be made available.

Discounting: By consigning your pieces with Furniture Brokers, you are agreeing for us to sell your furnishings subject to cumulative 30 day markdowns of 20%. The number of markdowns depends on the initial price of the item. For example, items less than $50 are discounted up to 2 times, while items $50 or greater are discounted 3 times before expiring. Furniture Brokers may discount an additional 10% off of the original price as a sales incentive.

Minimums: Thirty days at $10 is our minimum price. An item reaching a discounted price under $10 becomes the property of Furniture Brokers to sell or donate.

Payment: Monies owed consignors are mailed to addresses recorded on listing agreements on the 15th of the month following the month of sale. The split will be 50% to consignor (minus check fee and other pre-approved charges) and 50% to Furniture Brokers. A cumulative net of $15 is necessary for a check to be cut for mailing. A fee of $25 for check re-issue requests may apply.

Reclaim Responsibilities: Items left on our premises that are too small, damaged, or deemed unsellable WILL BE DONATED. A storage fee may be assessed on items requested to be held for pickup. Owners may pick up pieces that are not sold at any time during the discount cycle. Any expired item that is on-site at Furniture Brokers becomes the property of the store.

Damage/Insurance: Furniture Brokers assume no responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction of any article left on consignment, though every precaution will be taken to prevent the same. It is consignors’ responsibility to KEEP YOUR CONSIGNED ITEMS COVERED BY YOUR HOMEOWNER POLICY.

I, __________________________________, agree to the terms stated above ____________________.

The terms above are designed to protect our sellers, buyers, and us. Thank you for your business.

Westlake Showroom

4201 Westbank Dr

Austin, Texas 78746


Lakeway Showroom

2300 Lohmans Spur Rd

Austin, Texas 78734


Download a pdf version of our Consignment Agreement from HERE